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Can the Spiritist attend other churches?

Yes, sure, no problem. The most important thing is not the label of religion, not being spiritualists, Catholics, Buddhists, Protestants, but living the law of love and charity, being truly Christians in the broad sense of the word, in the sense of putting into practice the Gospel. that the Divine Master taught.

When it comes to the spiritual plane, we are sure that we will not be asked what religion we professed, but will see how we conduct our lives when incarnate, whether we know love, charity and fraternity, or whether we were proud, selfish, slanderous and if we live only for the sake of our own interests.

We know that there are people who do not attend a particular religion, but they are extremely kind and love-exhaling people, who do not miss the opportunity to do good in the simplest and smallest gestures. This person, surely, is very well regarded in the eyes of God because he applies His Law. On the other hand, they have many spiritualists, Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals, among others, who live in their temples or religious houses, places that, in theory , bring man closer to God, but in practice do not do what they profess.

On the spiritual level, even through the observations brought by Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, in the work Planetary Transition [1], it is proved that the most important is love and not the label of religions. There, the caravan of the spiritual plan detached to assist the disembodied hearts in the Indonesian tsunami in 2004 is made up of religious of various convictions.

He mentions the spiritual author, in the presentation of the caravan workers, who was curious because of the magnitude of the work designed and, especially, because of their coexistence with spirits of different cultures and habits with which he was not familiar. He informs him that his Filipino friends soon identified, and the oldest had been a Catholic priest on one of the many islands, whose name was Mark, having devoted himself to the ministry of religious faith and early childhood education, disincarnating in 1954, at seventy years old.

The other, younger and smiling, was dressed according to his people, elucidating that he belonged to the Muslim religion and was known as Abdul Severin, having disembodied victim to palustral fever at 40 years of age. He points out that the caravan was made up of members of varied spiritual formation, but who had as a common point of understanding the sovereign love that prevails in the universe, being one of the forces of cosmic balance, of divine essence.

The spiritual author, at the time, reports that his friend Oscar had a Jewish background and he a Spiritist, perceiving all, touchingly, that they belong to the same group, that of the incorruptible, unalterable good.

In fact, the spiritual author Miranda asks Father Marcos how he reconciled the concept of reincarnation with the dogmas espoused by his Catholic formation. who clothe them with superstitions, legends and dogmas, according to the levels of consciousness of the creatures, watching over and releasing others. However, he points out that when the individual returns to the land of immortality, the formulas disappear, giving rise to the emergence of essence, which is soon assimilated by affinity and the logic of the universal Good.

This time, as explained in the previous question, Spiritism has no discrimination or prejudice against any religion. Religion does not matter, it is not the Spiritist Doctrine that saves, but the experience of God's laws, the Law of Justice, Love and Charity. All the beliefs that bring man closer to God are beautiful and deserve our respect and admiration. So much so that the Gospel According to Spiritism says "outside of charity there is no salvation" and not "outside of Spiritism there is no salvation".

[1] FRANCO, Divaldo Pereira. Planetary transition. By the Spirit Manoel Philomeno de Miranda. [s.l.]: Spiritist Light, 2011. p. 24

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