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How to do the Gospel in the Home?

1. Choose the day of your choice. We suggest a day of easy memorization, for example, Monday.

2. Choose a quiet and pleasant room in the house, preferably the dining room, and have the appliances switched off.

3. Place a jar of water on the table for fluidization. Failing that, glasses may be used, any number corresponding to the members of the Gospel.

4. Sit at table without fanfare and without noise.

5. Make the opening prayer that touches the family feeling more deeply. It may be a ready prayer or a spontaneous prayer, the important thing is, we repeat, the feeling of faith and trust in Divine Protection.

6. After, make a brief reading of The Gospel According to Spiritism. Commenting on the words read, the comments will come spontaneously because the spirits friends will be helping in the understanding of the selected texts.

7. Other members may comment if they so wish. The Gospel in the Home is first and foremost a meeting of spirits reincarnated in the same environment, seeking through prayer, elevation of thoughts and fraternal dialogue, the support and help of the Most High for their problems and needs.

8. To encourage the participation of the children or other members, except the little ones, it is convenient to ask them to read spiritist messages for reflection by the group. Also encourage, with affection, the comment after reading. We suggest here the books Fonte Viva and / or Pão Nosso, by Emmanuel, Christian Agenda and / or Green Sign, by André Luiz.

9. To utter the closing prayer and to pray, for example, for the peace, harmony, health and happiness of the members of the meeting and of all with whom one lives, to ask for the blessing of God for disincarnated relatives, without fear. The remembrance of prayer rejoices and pacifies those who have departed.

10. Any mediumistic manifestation during the Gospel in the Home is completely inadvisable.

11. To serve, after the closing prayer, the fluidized water.

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