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Only by Spiritism can you contact Spirits?


Not at all, since it is not Spiritism that allows contact with spirits, it only guides, explains, educates and removes the veil that hitherto existed about mediumistic phenomena. Mediumship, as said in the previous question, has always existed in all ages of humanity and will continue to exist, the difference is the understanding that the Spiritist Doctrine offers us for this contact to occur in a correct and safe way.

In pots about spiritual influence and mediumship we will discuss in more detail the communicability of spirits and mediums, understanding how the whole process happens. At this moment, it should be mentioned that all humanity presents a type of medium called natural, which is processed through inspiration and intuition. Through them, man is constantly influenced by friendly or inferior spirituality, even if he does not realize it.

Through attunement, good spirits inspire and intuit us for good, sustaining us in the trials of life and helping us to bear them with courage and resignation. The bad ones, on the other hand, seek to induce man to error and illicitness. Allan Kardec teaches to be the person who feels the influence of the Spirits, in any degree of intensity, medium, being this faculty inherent to the man and not privilege of few, being rare even people who do not possess it at least in rudimentary state, reason why we can say that they are all more or less mediums.

Often the ideas we have are the fruit of the inspiration or intuition of the spirituality that accompanies us, and depending on our mental attunement and vibrational frequency, we attract to ourselves high or imperfect spirits.

An example of easy understanding of contact with spirits is prayer. When we pray and connect with God, we feel His presence, we are involved in feelings of peace. At this moment we are being supported by the friendly spirituality and, therefore, communicating with the spirits. And how does this happen? By thought and by attunement. Thought is the bond that binds us to the Spirits and that is why we need to take care of the mental vibrations that emitted, because depending on their quality we will be attracting our positive or negative spiritual companies.

In addition, the so-called ostensive mediums, those who have the most characterized psychic faculty and an ability to perceive and communicate with the spiritual plane more strongly, do not exist only in Spiritism, but in all religions. The understanding and understanding of the phenomenon make a huge difference in the process of telling the Spirits, for what may seem supernatural to other doctrines or religions, causing fear, flight and even aversion, is treated naturally by Spiritism, showing us that everything is part of the natural law of God. Thus, contact with Spirits performed within Spiritism happens frequently and without mysticism, but is not exclusive.

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