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What is the book of spirits?

The book of spirits is the starting point of the encoding of the spiritist doctrine, having been the first to be published by Allan Kardec, on 18 April 1857. He deals with the scientific, philosophical and religious aspects of the doctrine, laying the groundwork that would, in the future, deepened by the encoder in other works: the book of mediums, the Gospel according to Spiritism, heaven and hell and the Genesis.

Contains 1019 today questions and answers, duly cataloged and collected by themes by the encoder, based on teachings transmitted by the spirits and in their comments about the phenomena of spirit world. The book, therefore, is the result of a collective work, of real partnership between heaven and Earth, showing the principles of Doctrine concerning the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relationships with men, moral laws, the present life , the future life and the future of humanity.

In this work, Debbie has already used the psedônimo of Allan Kardec, name used in incarnation among the Druids, when preparing for the mission, and your not spiritualist renowned name of baptism, Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail.The first edition of April 18 1857 was published with 501 questions and Reform Magazine April 2004, your launch took place at the Palais Royal, Dentu, Orléans Gallery Bookstore. The mediums that served to this work were initially:

[...] the young Caroline and Julie Boudin (respectively, with 16 and 14 years old at the time), which later joined Celine Japhet (with 18 years at the time) and Miss Ermmance Defaux (14 years old at the time), which had as its spiritual guide São Luiz. in the process of revision of the book. After the first draft, the method of the questions and answers was submitted to comparison with communications obtained by other French mediums, totalling "more than 10", in the words of Kardec, whose texts psychographic contributed to the structuring of the text.

Second Canuto de Abreu on page VII of the first book of the spirits, the second French edition was launched in March 18 of 1860 and the Book of spirits, that reprinting, been revised almost "as new job, although the principles have not suffered any changes, except very small number of exceptions, which are before add-ons and clarifications that true modifications ". For this review, Kardec kept in touch with spiritist groups of about 15 countries of Europe and the Americas. In this second edition is appearing 1018 questions and answers, and some current issues bring 1019 questions, adding that according to the FEB (Brazilian Spiritist Federation), was due to the encoder does not have numbered the question immediately after 1010, that it would be the 1011. Thus, the book would have, in practice, and no, 1018 1019 questions. [1]

Psicografadas answers the mediums were reviewed, analyzed and often compared to other posts. The review was necessary because of the difficulty in understanding what the spirits said, and because the spirits were not owners of all the wisdom of the universe.

The final Edition is composed of four parts: 1. The primary causes, addressing the concepts of divinity, creation and fundamental elements of the universe; 2. The spirit world, on the notion of Spirit, the purpose of your existence, your potential for self-improvement, pre and your pós-existência and your still establishing relations with matter; 3. moral laws, making approach moral laws of God: worship, work, reproduction, storage, destruction, society, progress, equality, freedom and justice, love and charity; 4. The hopes and consolations, oportundide you conderações about the future of man, your state after death, the joys and obstacles found in the grave.

We bring, by way of example, some of the many interesting questions raised in the aforementioned work: 1. What is God?; 55. All the Globes that circulate in space are inhabited?; 76. That definition can give the spirits?; 88. The spirits have given way, limited and constant?; 115. Among the spirits, some were created good or bad?; 150. The soul after death, saves your individuality?; 166. The number of bodily stocks is limited, or the spirit is reincarnated in perpetuity?; 286. The soul, leaving your mortal spoil, see immediately your relatives and your friends that preceded it in the spirit world?; 392. By the incarnate Spirit loses the memory of your past?; 401. During sleep, the soul rests as the body?; 456. The spirits can meet our most secret thoughts?; 919. Which is the most effective and practical means to improve in this life and resist entrainment of evil?; 1016. In that sense must understand the word heaven?

As you can see, this was the first time the spiritual reality, although always has existed, "appeared on your wholeness, thanks to the revelation of the spirit of truth promised by Christ". [2]

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