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What is the planetary transition of the Earth?

We are on the threshold of the great planetary transition, in which our planet will pass from the condition of world of trials and atonements to world of regeneration. It is a step, still of the many that must rise, to reach the position of "happy world". And for each phase, a cleaning should be done. Let us remember the scale of the worlds: primitive, proof and atonement, regeneration, happy and blissful, abode of the pure spirits. We are already in the process of purging those spirits of calcetas, refractory to order and moral and spiritual evolution, which can no longer be delayed. They will spend some time in other spheres, in other lower planets (krom), learning the laws of Love and Good, until they are able to return to our planet to make a contribution to the advancement of Humanity.

In the book Planetary Transition, psychography by Divaldo Franco, by the Spirit Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, this moment through which Earth passes is very well explained.

In the book, it is said that just as the spirits who are still devotee to evil will be exiled to other planets, more evolved spirits from the star of the constellation Taurus have already begun to reincarnate on Earth in a missionary spirit to help the Earth in this process of spiritual renewal and evolution, becoming the great leaders and sensitizing those still considered executioners of society.

In addition, ancient and important spirits of centuries past, the Neo-Platonic school of Alexandria, noble Greek spirits of the Pericles era, the pre-Socratic, the Socratic (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, then the pre-Christians of Rome, and all geniuses of the Renaissance, artists and thinkers and scientists will be returning, some of whom are already among us, to help the planet in this transition process, to accelerate the achievements not only of intelligence and cutting-edge technology, but also of moral and spiritual values.

REVEALS OF CHICO XAVIER ON PLANETARY TRANSITION, made in 1986, given to Geraldo Lemos Neto, founder of the House of Chico Xavier de Pedro Leopoldo (MG), (Documentary called Data-Limit), says that in the year that man stepped on the moon , 1969, the Spiritual Governor of the Earth, who is Our Lord Jesus Christ, hearing the call of other angelic beings from our Solar System, convened a meeting to deliberate on the future of our planet. After many dialogues and debates between them, various suggestions were made and, at the end of the celestial conclave, Jesus' goodness decided to give one last chance to the Terran community, a final moratorium on the present civilization on planet Earth. All the karmic injunctions planned to take place at the end of the twentieth century were then suspended by the Mercy of the Heavens so that our world would have one last chance of moral progress.

"Our Lord decided to grant a 50-year moratorium on earthly society, to begin on July 20, 1969, and therefore to end in July 2019. Jesus then ordered his heavenly emissaries to engage more directly in the maintenance of peace between peoples and terrestrial nations, in order to collaborate so that we would enter the planetary community of the Solar System more quickly, as a more regenerated world, at the end of that period. The face of the Earth should avoid at all costs the so-called World War III. According to Christ's resolution, if and only if the earthly nations during this period of 50 years learned the art of good fellowship and fraternity, the earthly world would at last be admitted into the planetary community of the Solar System as a regenerating world " .

Unimaginable advances will come, as for example "We will reach the solution to all social problems, as the solution to poverty and hunger that will be extinct; we will have the discovery of the cure of all diseases of the physical body by genetic manipulation in the advances of Medicine; the terrestrial man will have ample and total access to the information and the culture, that will become more generalized; our brothers from other more evolved planets will also have the express permission of Jesus to openly present us, collaborate with us and offer us new technologies hitherto unimaginable to our present stage of scientific development; we will have to manufacture devices that will facilitate our contact with the disembodied spheres, enabling our longing for conversation with loved ones who have already left for the aftermath; we would be facing a new world, a new Earth, a glorious stage of spiritualization and beauty for the destinies of our planet. "

"If incarnate humanity decides to follow the unfortunate course of World War III, a nuclear war of unpredictable and disastrous consequences, then Mother Earth itself, under the auspices of the Greater Life, will react with unforeseen violence, tired of human delusions, and then faced with attacks from Nature, like gigantic earthquakes; tsunamis and consequent tsunamis; we would see the explosion of extinct volcanoes; we would face devastating thunderstorms that would overwhelm the poles of the globe with tragic results for the coastal zones due to the rise of the seas; and, in this case, the volcanic ash associated with harmful nuclear irradiation would render the entire Northern Hemisphere of our globe totally uninhabitable. "If the worst case occurs, with the Northern Hemisphere becoming uninhabitable, large pacific, would then be formed in the Southern Hemisphere, where Brazil is located, which would then be called more directly to play its role as the Fatherland of the Gospel, exemplifying love and renunciation, forgiveness and spiritual understanding before the migrant peoples and this would cause a delay in the process of regeneration of the Earth of approximately 1000 years. "

"Our Brazil as we know it today will then be disfigured and divided into four distinct nations. Only a quarter of our territory will remain with us and the Brazilians will remain only the states of the Southeast added to Goias and the Federal District. "

Another decision of the spiritual benefactors of the Greater Life determined that after the dawn of the year 2000 of the Christian Era, the evil spirits and ignorance would no longer receive the permission to reincarnate on the face of the Earth, they would be forcibly referred to reincarnation in later worlds , of expiations and of exorbitant proofs, or even in primitive worlds. According to Chico Xavier, the largest of these planets would be called Krom. To reincarnate here, from that date onwards, would amount to a valuable, fair prize for those who acquired relevant spiritual achievements such as meekness, gentleness, love of peace, and fraternal harmony between peoples and nations.

It's our last chance, it's the last minute! There is no time for materialism. There is no more time for illusions or immediacy. Either we will go with the Light and we will remain on Earth, or we choose the pain and we will be exiled to inferior worlds, everything depends on us, our free will.

Emmanuel himself, through Chico Xavier, responding to an interview already published in a book tells us that the prophecies are revealed to men not to be fulfilled. They are in fact a great spiritual warning so that we can improve ourselves and move away from the worst path hypothesis. # Planetarytransition #divaldofranco

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