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Your Inner Peace

Avoid the extravagant tumult of disturbing news.

Harmonize yourself so that you are not overwhelmed by the illusion of being present everywhere at the same time, enjoying only pleasures, possessing the latest equipments, which are soon surpassed by more complex ones, incapable, however, of providing you with harmony interior. This senseless rush to the acquisition of instruments of technological and virtual utility conceals, in its bosom, the psychological escape of the individual who does not encourage himself to travel inward, trying to discover the reasons for the conflicts that stun him, hiding under the tyranny of machines that allow you to communicate with the world and all you desire, without producing the self-realization in its possessor. No one lives in inner peace without a conscience of rightly fulfilled duty. After anesthetizing the conscience for some time, it awakens it, generating guilt and need of correction. Hence the moral patient again seeks distraction in the mechanisms of escape and transference.

The human being is destined for immortal glory. Yours is the fatality of the great blessings that await you. In this way, the achievement of moral dignity is a challenge that must be faced and experienced from the simplest experiences, in order to create the superior conditioning so that it becomes a valuable acquisition. That is why Spiritism, in its condition of exemplary philosophy, offers the contest of interior enlightenment, explaining the reasons for existence, its purpose, its origin and its culmination ... Author: Joanna de Ângelis Psychography of Divaldo Franco. Book: Lighten up.

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